Décombre (Rubble)

2009 - Ex-Machina
420 black & white instant film pictures, 1680 magnets, copper wire, amplifier & audio player.
420 pictures fragment an aerial river view.
Each image is woven with copper wires, which transmit
an electrical current sent by an audio amplifier. As magnets
are placed behind each image, the wire moves. Then the
picture's paper becomes a membrane. One can hear a fine
liquid sound, recorded underwater (with hydrophone).
If one places the ear extremely near the pictures, a very deep
sub-aquatic sound appears.

Decombre  - rudy deceliere

Decombre  - rudy deceliereDecombre  - rudy deceliere

Decombre - rudy deceliere

Making-of by Philippe Maeder - 5'36

© Contemporary Art Collection - City of Geneva