Allotopies I, II & III

Bellelay Abbey Church - Bern
1122 copper wires, honesty leaves, magnets.
one organ
In the Bellelay Abbey Church, desanctified and empty baroque building, 1122 copper wires are
hanging from the ceiling. At their end, just above our head (~ 2,20m) each one has a dried
honesty leave and a magnet. Some current is running through the wires, and the leaves
are used as membrane. A tiny, high pitched and quite constant sound comes out from
each piece, noticeable from all around. While moving across the space, one can hear
the fine variations according the different shapes of leaves.
The wires are organized in a very precise visual system. They fill the huge church's void,
giving different perspectives and paths depending on our position or movement.
Each of these paths gives our body for single center.
Also, each 15 minutes, one can hear the organ, with a simple activation of on constant
chord. This chord remaining 4 minutes static, we are invited to move along the space,
for sensing the variation of propagation of sound in this very reverberant space.
Sonic nodes and voids are to be experienced.

supports: Contemporary Art Fund City of Geneva, Contemporary Art Fund Geneva Canton, Pro Helvetia

Setting up

On location recording